Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fresh start

It's time for a fresh start in my life. All the same old resolutions, only rejuvenated. Weight loss, eating better, exercising more, reading more and searching for my bliss. My own personal bliss, not the bliss that I try to give to my family. As I've told my daughter so often, only each individual can create their own happiness. I aim to search for wiser choices, a simpler path with less stress.

I'm considering starting an Etsy shop - after I build up a small stock of crocheted items. That daily two hour commute to work needs to be put to better use than just reading Facebook.

Also, I'm ready to go vegan again. Giving up pizza is going to be hard, because we depend on it for at least one evening meal a week. Also, eating out (which, sadly, makes up for at least 2 evening meals) is also going to be much harder. No more pasta covered in cheese. I've been vegetarian for over 20 years and before I met my husband I was vegan for a few years. I can do this. I can no longer continue supporting the cattle industry via removing calves from their mother's so that I can have cheese.

As for exercise - well, any would be more than what I'm doing right now.

I'm working out how to best format this blog. Since it's the same name as I hope to set up my Etsy shop, I think it needs to be mostly about my crochet (my primary bliss at the moment).

Stay tuned for more....